Irish music has rarely been so dynamic, diverse and at times, dangerous. PLAYIRISH is the new music channel that has been created to showcase the best of new Irish music across all genres. We do not use algorithms to select our music, we use humans with ears and years of experience and knowledge from working and listening to great music. Our promise to you is to provide a taster of great music from Irish artists across the musical spectrum – some you will know, many you will want to know more about. PLAYIRISH is for the artists, new and emerging and also the established and progressive. But above all, PLAYIRISH is for you the music fan. Turn on, tune in and PLAYIRISH.



NEW – New is amazing. New is next. New is different. New has value. New is hard to find. New is discovery. New is brave. New is bold. New is not the same. New is forward. New is progress. New is valuable. New is currency. New is exciting. New is change. New creates different. New creates diversity. New creates evolution. New is not standing still. New is movement. New is not ‘same old same old’. New is the super hero that valiantly battles ‘same old, same old’. New is progression. New is risk. New is unsafe. New is sexy. New is rare. New is expressive. New is precious. New is inventive. New is creative.

We’re crazy about ‘NEW’!



IRISH – Irish is unique. Irish is one of a kind. Irish is an attitude, a culture and a state of mind. Irish is bold, expressive, inventive, brave, pioneering. Irish is instinctive. Irish is embedded and entwined with culture. Irish are humble, Irish are social. Irish are incredible storytellers. Irish are loved. Irish are identified with. Irish bring nations together. Irish are connectors. Irish is laced with meaning, with emotion, with hurt, with love, with fight, with pain, with loss, with tragedy, with passion, with honour, with an ‘under-dogged-ness’ that  fights to play on the world stage…. with insecurity and humility and not arrogance. Irish are global. Irish are improvisers, ‘make-do-ers’, ‘never-lie-downers’. Irish has music in its blood. Irish is born playing music. Irish is world famous. And we are Irish. And we passionately love where we are from and what’s inside of us.

We‘re proud to be ‘IRISH’!!


MUSIC – Music is the food of the soul. Music nourishes us. Music moves us. Music makes us feel. Music makes us move, makes us laugh, makes us smile, makes us cry, makes us lose ourselves. Music is energy. Music is illogical. Music communicates. Music is language-free. Music is borderless. Music is personal. Music is connective. Music is passionate. Music is infinite in all its forms. Music is how we will probably connect with aliens. Because music is how we can communicate with the most alien part of our own self. Music doesn’t judge. Music can cure. Music can make us better. Music has the power to confront, to convince, to remind us all who we all really are. Music dances inside of us. Music allows us to dance inside, privately and publicly. Music is culture. Music teaches. Music tells stories. Music is memories. Music never stops. Music is natural. Music is born in us all. Music is priceless. Music is the language of the world and of every single human being.

And we’re obsessed about ‘MUSIC’!!

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